February 2019

February 2019

Wow! February is already here, and January is gone. Where is this year going? Seriously, time is going by so fast right now. It’s ridiculous!

Anyhow, I really hope that your January was productive in some way or another.

I have to say that my January was a month of set-ups. I don’t mean that it was me being set-up, but rather I was setting up for a lot of things to be done soon-ish. So, all-in-al it wasn’t so bad and made me really excited for what comes next. Speaking of next…


 For this month it is my hope to read three books, one fiction and two non-fictions. Now, the fiction book is around 440 pages long, but I’ve already read about 110 pages. So, ¼ of the way through! It shouldn’t take that long to get through the rest of it, provided I actually sit down and read.

There are also two stories that I need to alpha read. One I am half done with right now, the other I haven’t started yet.

 I also want to finish my Bible read through by the end of the month. It shouldn’t take too long to finish that either. Once again though, I just need to sit down and read.


I have a few fanfiction pieces that I want to work on. Just two chapters from two of them would be a great achievement, and that is not including editing those chapters.

On top of that, there is a novel project that I want to write a lot more on. Getting up to 15,000 words would be nice. Of course, getting more than that would be even better. It’s always awesome to get more words written than what you had planned.

Now, there is some editing that I need to do. At least ten pages for one project. Any editing needing to be done based on comments from my beta readers on another project (he he! These projects are gonna be kept secret for now).


I spelled that word correct first try! Wahoo!!

Okay, I’m done with the spelling excitement. Now, there are a few non-writing related projects that I am hoping to get done this month. First off is getting some art done. I have one sketch that I need to fix a few things on and send out. There is also a fan-comic that I have been trying to work on forever for a friend! And just general practice and learning.

Next, is clean. Yep, my room is a mess. Well, not exactly. It’s more like I have four giant piles and I don’t know what’s in each pile. So, those have got to go. And I will do my utmost to actually put things in the trash where I am sure a lot of it belongs. There are art supplies and books at the bottoms of these piles, and I need to find them. That is always a great motivator.

 I have a feeling that this is gonna be a great month!

With Blessings,


What are some of your goals for the month of February?

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