Intro, Intro, Intro…

Intro, Intro, Intro…

Hello Everyone!

I’m Nicolle and welcome to my nook!

Here is where I hope to discuss with you writing and everything that goes along with it; little tips and tricks that I’ve discovered and things I’ve learned over the years of writing, often very poorly. I’m sure we all have those stories that make us cringe to go back and read.

And I hope to learn more as I venture into the realm of blogging, particularly blogging about writing, with y’all. I have a feeling that this is going to be quite an adventure.

This is also were you can get a few updates, maybe, possibly, could be on my writing projects. Who knows. 😊

If you want to know a wee bit about me, then you can visit my About Me page here.

To find out why I write, then that info is here.

My schedule goals right now are to have three articles up a month, posting on Saturday mornings, and one piece of fiction a month, also posted on a Saturday morning. The articles will range in topics but will always have some basis in writing (with hope). The fiction piece will either be a short story or part of a longer series. Sorry, folks, poetry isn’t on the menu at this time.

I really hope that all of us can have fun with this and learn and grow together.

With Blessings,


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