Should I Write Fanfiction?

Should I Write Fanfiction?

I know that a great many people are on the fence when it comes to writing fanfiction. A few people I’ve talked to have said that it helped them write better while others have claimed it was cheating. So, which one is correct?

Personally, I don’t think it really matters and it depends on the person who’s writing.

Cons to Writing Fanfic

When it comes to writing fanfiction, it is possible to become lazy in your writing. You will either have a world already established or characters already established and you will play with either or both of them. If you only stick to writing fanfics where you write only one of these elements, then you will most likely not grow in your ability to create in the other element.

For example, if you only write established characters in new places, then you will get good at taking those characters and knowing how they will react in different places than what they would normally encounter. However, you will not grow in learning how to create your own characters.

Pros to Writing Fanfic

There are advantages to writing these stories, though. It is the very aspect of only having to create one element of a fanfic that is the advantage of writing them. Having an already established character can show you the depths that are necessary for good characters. When you have an established world to play with, it can show you what aspects you need to develop or focus on in your world based on what the characters interact with.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you write fanfic or not. It’s a personal decision if you want to and whether you do or don’t is not a mark on your ability as a writer. Some writers have started off writing fanfic and others have not. The important thing to remember is to just keep writing.

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Do you write fanfic? Do you prefer not to?  

6 thoughts on “Should I Write Fanfiction?

  1. Good post!! I haven’t ever written FanFic, but I’ve heard others say they enjoy it. I’ve just never tried doing it myself.

  2. I personally started off writing original works, then got drawn into writing fanfic for a time (Percy Jackson fanfic) and now I’m writing original works again. I think the pull people have towards fanfic is being able to play with your favourite characters, and also having a higher chance of people reading your works. It’s hard for a new writer to get noticed. Writing within fanfic is easier because people are already drawn to that fandom, so you don’t have to do any real marketing yourself. This unfortunately can give readers unrealistic expectations. My old fanfic got thousands of views. My original work in comparison got a small fraction of that viewership and it really baffled me as a child.

    1. That is very true. It is an unfortunate reality, but I do believe it is good practice for writing still if you enjoy it. I have also fallen to this disappointment when I first stared writing, and while t is difficult to get past, I am still glad for the experience.

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