I Need Writing Process Help

I Need Writing Process Help

This post is going to be a little bit different. Instead of telling you about the techniques that I use and that have helped me most in writing, I am asking for your help with a writing problem I am facing.

A big part of the writing process is finding that time of day you work best in, where everything clicks together. I know many people write best in the mornings. That’s the time of day when your brain is fresh from sleep, relaxed and rested. The ideas just flow from your mind through your fingers and onto the computer screen or paper. I have heard of so many successful authors use this method to write their numerous and often popular stories.

That’s not the case with me. Evening, right before I go to sleep is the best time for me to write. It’s in the evening, when everything for the day is done and my brain is too tired to daydream about anything except what’s in front of me, that I focus best.

However, my evenings will no longer be open for me to write in. A few life things will be happening soon that will make my evenings as packed as possible. Now, I have tried writing in the morning before. All that accomplished was that I spent most of my times daydreaming about what else I needed to do in the day. With my packed schedule, that really isn’t an acceptable outcome.

I do have a word count goal for each day, and that has helped me be more consistent with my writing, even in the evenings. It’s a pretty low number and can easily be obtained in less than thirty minutes if I focus. With luck, this established number might help me write still every day.

What I ask now of you is if you have ever had to write at a time other than your ideal time of day? Is there anything that helped you to make the change so that you are still able to focus with the same intensity as before?

This help means a great deal to me.

With Blessings,

Nicole 😊

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