Why Should We Read?

Why Should We Read?

Why do we read? Why do we need to read?

Okay. Yes, we do need to read just to live in this world: reading street signs, restaurant menus, our phones. Let me rephrase the question then. Why do we read books?

All right, yes, non-fiction books can help us learn things, like our textbooks and literally anything else that we want to learn about. So, let me rephrase the question again. Why do we read fiction books?

What exactly do fiction books do for us? Well, the truth is they can do quite a lot.

Help us get lost

There are times in every life where we just want to get away for a little while. I don’t know about you, but plane tickets to the other side of the world tend to be a bit expensive for me. So, instead of hopping aboard a boat or plane and hightailing it out of wherever you are, books can open up an entire world that you can escape to. New people, new places, new sights, all of it is there at your fingertips whenever you have a few minutes.

Teaching us

There are quite a few stories that don’t just whisk us away, but also bury deep in our minds and show us some things. You can always identify these books by how long they stay with you, how long you think about them after turning the last page.

The trials the characters go through and the very decisions they make will make you think about how it applies to your life. Even when you don’t realize it, you think about the lessons. That’s also what makes characters so amazing. Characters are meant to be deep, having many layers and many ways of thinking. The choices of the heroes and villains should make sense and be understood, but not always agreed with. It is these books that change the world.

Now, go out and enjoy your favorite books!

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Why do you read books? What are your favorite types of books?

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