3 Types of Writing

3 Types of Writing

When most people think of writing, they simply think of words on a page. Some understand a few differences between fiction and non-fiction writing, but there is more to the different types of writing than just these two. With the wealth of text that surrounds us everyday, it’s easy to ignore the subtle qualities each type possesses. For instance, you wouldn’t write a work email the same way you would write a pamphlet for the Bahamas. You also wouldn’t write a fiction story the same way you would write a research paper.

Today I will be talking to you about three different types of writing: one fiction type and two non-fiction types.

Story writing

The first type we will be discussing is writing for fiction. Now, there are subtle differences in the writing style of the numerous genres, but that’s a discussion for another time.

When writing stories, it’s essential to pull your readers in and provide them with enough description that they can see the individual scenes in their heads. Descriptive words and emotions are strewn across the pages and it’s easy to get lost in the words (when it’s written well).

This type of writing is written to bring out a specific reaction and feel from the readers. It is highly emotional in both reading and writing.

English class writing

When you’re in English class, and you need to write a comparison paper, a book report, or anything else your English teacher is requesting of you, this is the type of writing that we’re talking about. Though there are fewer emotions and feelings than in story writing, there is still an amount in it. How else do you genuinely persuade people in your persuasion papers? Yes, logic does help, but people are highly emotional and will always respond better to personal emotions.

There are more specific and concise words when you’re writing papers in your English classes. The easier people can understand what you’re saying without encountering a lot of strange and verbose jargon, the better for your purposes.

Research and business writing

As far as emotions are concerned, this type of writing has no feelings whatsoever. Everything is precise and as tight as possible. No words are wasted, and every word means exactly what it says. There is no bias in anything written.

All things considered, it is the most boring type of writing possible and, unless you’re really passionate about the subject, it is also among the most boring to read.

There you have it, folks. Now, this is by no means an exhaustive list of the different types of writing. Even within these three different types, there are a myriad of subtypes in each of these styles. The most important thing to remember is to know why you’re writing, what you’re writing that specifically for, and pick the best type of writing for the job.

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Have you written in all three styles? Which was your favorite?

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