Perception – WIP Snippet

Perception – WIP Snippet

Hey there, Folks. Today, instead of a usual post, I will be bringing you a snippet from one of my WIPs (work in progress). I’m not sure if this piece will make it into the final story, but I thought it was too good to not write down somewhere.

Just a little background for you. June and Violet are roommates at the school, everyone has superpowers, Autumn’s is she can control weather, and August and Violet are twins.

That should be everything you need to understand this story.

The soft shuffle of cautious footsteps on carpet stopped right beside the bed where June’s head laid. For several seconds she could only hear the air rushing through her lungs and through the vents in the room. Then the footsteps started up again and faded towards the door. As the door opened, signaled by the squeaking hinges, a streak of light shone onto June’s face. Her still closed eyes scrunched up even more until the beam disappeared.

In the now darkened room, June drifted off back to sleep.

The air felt heavier and cooler when she woke again. June inhaled, and it smelled like the morning after a storm. A smile peeked up around her lips as she savored the scent. That hint of a smile dropped like a sack of rocks when she put together the feeling of the air and the smell. Right as she opened her eyes, a torrent of water splashed onto her head.

She jumped up, hitting her head on the bunk above her. The force of the impact sent her back into the downpour on her pillow, and then up and out onto the floor. She winced as her rear throbbed from the ungraceful plop onto the carpeted surface.

Opening her eyes and looking back at her bed, June saw a small raincloud hovering over her pillow. She turned to the door and saw five faces peeking in. Two of the faces shot out of view and were followed by thudding footsteps echoing down the hall.

Autumn stood further in with one hand outstretched and bright red cheeks. “I’m sorry. Violet said you were still asleep, and…it was Fever’s idea. I am so sorry. I know you don’t like getting wet, and I just made you soaking wet and probably ruined your pillow. Mr. Fry isn’t going to be happy about having to replace the pillow. Oh no! Is the mattress ruined as well? Oh dear. I knew I shouldn’t have done this. It just sounded like fun. I’ll-“

June put up her hand to stop the onslaught of words from Autumn. “It’s okay. I’m not hurt.” She flinched as she shifted. “Well, my bottom might be a little sore, but that’s not on you. And as for the bed and pillow, that’s between Mr. Fry and supplies.”

“Oh, thank goodness.” Autumn withdrew her hand, and the raincloud disappeared, along with the weather returning to its usual feel. She hurried out the door and in the direction the two boys ran.

Grunting and groaning like an old lady, June pulled herself up from the floor and gathered some clothes from the dresser. When she turned back to the door, she saw Violet and August still standing there.

June looked at Violet and cocked her head to the side. “So, you told them I was still asleep?”

“You didn’t have your alarm on.”

“Uh, it’s Saturday. I like to sleep in on Saturdays.”

Violet stared at her, or in her general direction. It was always hard to tell with the blindfold. August looked down at his sister and then back up to June. After a moment, he shrugged and left the room. Violet watched her for precisely two seconds longer, June counted, and turned and left the room too.

June looked down at her soaked pajamas and pushed plastered hair on her forehead out of her face. “I hate being wet.”

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