Message From Seaweed

Message From Seaweed

Hello, Readers!

This is Seaweed, coming to you loud and clear. I have been trying for weeks to have Nicolle let me make a post for this blog. I succeeded by waiting until she was half-asleep, and then I asked her once more. It’s a very good thing I know how to use the voice recorder. Otherwise, she would have undoubtedly denied saying yes. But that’s no matter. I am here now. And as the mascot of this website, I believe it’s time I start performing my mascot duties.

First things first, you are doing great! We all go through difficult times every now and then, some more than others. But you are here now. You’re working through whatever is wrong one day at a time. I know it’s hard, and sometimes it feels like it’s not worth it and that you won’t make it through.

I’m here to tell you that you will make it through. It will get better. Yes, that will be times when you get hit with hard times, but it won’t last forever. While it may seem like it does, the pain is only temporary.

I’d give you all a hug and my favorite candies if I could. Alas, computers don’t allow us to do that. At least, not yet. But know that I*’m thinking about all of you and I care for you.

Moving on to another topic. Since I was not able to introduce myself to everyone, as Nicolle took that duty upon herself. I will introduce my co-mascot…Nugget!

He is the latest edition to our little family. We were not quite prepared for the level of energy that this boy has, or his singlemindedness and stubbornness. But he is quite intelligent, often trying to outsmart Nicolle. Don’t tell her this, but I believe he is very successful at it. However, I will say that it’s nice having someone else in this place while Nicole is at work. His presence makes it feel less echoey in here.

Though his favorite pastime is chewing, he has only touched a few treasured stuffed animals and two sweaters. Thankfully, he has left me alone thus far. I’m not sure how I would fare being eaten. Oh, chasing balls is his other favorite activity. He will do it until he nearly falls over, and yet he will still try.

All-in-all, I must admit that I enjoy this new companion. Though he does have his quirks and behavior problems (which Nicolle is trying to work on), he brings life to this little place. Please, join me in his official welcome!

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there!

Have a splendid day, everyone!



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